• Chairman, Attorney, Top Ten Rank

  • Posted on January 26, 2016
  • It was in 2007 that Grover Arnett was chosen by then-Governor Ernie Fletcher to serve on the Kentucky Worker's Compensation Judicial Nominating Commission. In 2012 he would be reappointed by the Governor of Kentucky at that time, Steve Beshear. This enabled him to continue in his role as Chairman of the Commission. He was chosen to serve on this commission because he has a wealth of experience with worker's compensation issues in Kentucky, stretching back to the beginning of his career. Decades worth of experience with cases involving worker's compensation issues in Kentucky certainly qualifies him to serve as Chairman of the Commission, a position he was proud to serve in.

    Grover Arnett can claim more than twenty-five years of experience in working with clients who have been injured or are disabled, helping them to resolve their worker's compensation and social security disability claims. Arnett has been fortunate to be able to represent people from all walks of life, representing a cross-section of life in Eastern Kentucky. Grover Arnett was ranked one of the top ten worker's compensation attorneys in Kentucky, despite the fact that he has never worked at one of the major corporate firms that usually attract these distinctions.

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